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KHG FiteBac® Technology, a US biotech company, was founded by Dr. Kirk Kimmerling,
and built through the efforts of academia researchers throughout the world.

“Our mission is to utilize FiteBac® patented, antimicrobial technology through world-class research, to provide a healthier world”

KHG FiteBac® Technology’s antimicrobial platform chemistry has “built-in authority” generated by peer reviewed published research papers, and recognized by FDA.

This breakthrough technology has endless applications in the health-care field, resulting in the potential for saving millions of lives, and billions of dollars in health care costs.

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Lead Molecule K-18: FDA 510(k) Clearance for Antimicrobial Dental Retainer

An antimicrobial and antifungal cationic quaternary ammonium methacryloxy silicate molecule (QAMS) has been synthesized by sol-gel reaction between a tetraalkoxysilane and two trialkoxysilanes. Containing a methacryloxy functional group and a long C-18 carbon chain, the QAMS molecule is soluble in MMA monomer and has been incorporated into PMMA orthodontic acrylic resin.

The QAMS-copolymerised acrylic resin demonstrated improved fracture toughness without adversely affecting flexural modulus and strength of the orthodontic acrylic. In previous in vitro studies, orthodontic acrylic resins containing 4–6% QAMS were found to possess in vitro immediate diffusional as well as contact-killing antimicrobial properties when tested with Streptococcus mutans, Actinomyces naeslundii and Candida albicans.  -Dr. Franklin P. Tay

Video Explanation:

Example of plaque biofilms containing mixed bacterial-fungal components.

(a) BacLightstained CLSM merged image showing the presence of live (green) fungal hyphae (open arrowhead) within the biovolume of a biofilm taken from a control disk of one subject (subject 21).

(b) The corresponding BacLightstained CLSM merged image showing the presence of dead (red) fungal hyphae killed by the QAMS-containing acrylic (open arrowhead) from an experimental disk of the same subject.

Antimicrobial FiteBac® Technology is available in compound or coating form.
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Adjusting the Molecule’s Central Core and Functional Groups allows for endless customizable & tailored chemistry.

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