Product disclaimer:
Currently under development,
commercially available soon.

K-18/Ethanol Pre-Bonding Agent
a.) Enhances bond strength of bonding agents from various companies.
b.) Penetration greater than 100um into etched dentinal tubules helping to occlude tubules
c.) Reduces sensitivity to exposed dentin
d.) Inhibits MMP and Cathepsin activity from etched dentin
e.) Reduces micro-leakage at hybrid layer of restoration produces cell death of bacteria

K18 Additive to Several Bonding Systems
a.) Enhances the bond strength of the systems
b.) Inhibitor of MMP and Cathepsin
c.) Reduces micro-leakage at hybrid layer on dentin
Additive to Composite Materials
a.) Significantly reduces acylate shrinkage
b.) Maintains antimicrobial activities throughout composite system

Additive to All Resin and Resin Modified Cement
a.) Enhances durability and toughness
b.) Maintains Antimicrobial

Additive to All Types of Dental Glass Particles by Functionalizing Instead of Silanizing

Additive to all Bis-Acryl, UDMA,
PMMA, and Poly R Methacrylates where R represents either Ethyl,
Vinyl, Isobutyl

a.) Improved fracture toughness, durability, and flexural strength

Additive to Endodontic Sealers MTA, Epoxy, CaOH, etc.

Dental Varnish After Dental Prophy

K-18 Additive to Glass Ionmer Restoration
a.) Enhances toughness
b.) Antimicrobial throughout materials