Physical property effect of antimicrobial additive in light cured resin cement

Recent publications on covalently bound ORMOSIL-containing orthodontic acrylic (Quaternary Ammonium Methacrylate Silicate – QAMS) demonstrated . . .
Significant fracture toughness increase
Ability to work against wide range of organisms
Long-lasting (abstracts #662 and 663) (3-mos)

Use of whole genome deep sequencing to define emerging minority variants in virus envelope genes in herpesvirus treated with novel antimicrobial K21

New antivirals are required to prevent rising antimicrobial resistance from replication inhibitors. The aim
of this study was to analyse the range of emerging mutations in herpesvirus by whole genome deep sequencing. We tested human herpesvirus 6 treatment with novel antiviral K21, where evidence indicated distinct effects on virus envelope proteins.